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Abakidz in Action


Connor Adding 5 Numbers 0.3 seconds Apart!


This is a short video of one of our Abakidz students, Connor, adding 5 numbers .3 seconds apart using mental Abacus math. Connor is 6 years old and has been a student of Abakidz for almost a year. 


Master Lee's Math Challenge:


After Two Weeks of Abakidz:


Grieco Elementary 80-Day Challenge Video! 


Third graders at Grieco Elementary worked on their abacus skills for 80 days, drastically improving their math skills, concentration, and most importantly their confidence in learning!


Master Lee on TV!

Master Lee showcases her incredible mental calculation skills on Miracle Korea, a popular Korean talent show aired on JTBC (2013).

After Four Weeks of Abakidz: