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Our Impact

Abakidz is designed to give your child the power and confidence to manipulate numbers. Using the abacus, they learn visualization techniques, allowing your child to mentally perform math quickly and accurately.

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“He has more confidence in math
since he's able to solve math problems quicker and can use the skills he's learning from Abakidz to double check his math at school.”

-Parent of Adam (7)


“I love my teacher. Abacus helps whenever I need to do math. It's hard but very fun. I never want to quit."

-Current Student, Sydney (7)


“Our children have been active students for 3 years now and the greater focus, grasp of numbers and appreciation for general math is a testament of the Abakidz method.”

-Parent of Tristan (8) and Devyn (7)


Our Teacher

Master Jeonghee Lee is the reining world champion in addition, multiplication, and flash mental mental math. She is the world's only 11th degree abacus master, the highest rank attained by anyone to date. Having already taught thousands of students in South Korea, she is eager to share the art of mental math in the United States.

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Our Method

Master Lee teaches using the abacus, an ancient tool whose use has persisted despite the advent of modern calculators. Students will learn to mentally visualize the abacus, enabling them to store and manipulate large numbers with ease.