Summer Program 2019

Join us for a fun-filled summer of
Mental Math and Robotics! 



A fun way to learn math using the abacus as a tactile learning tool to provide brain training to students of all ages. Abacus learning can positively impact working memory and concentration skills, leading to improvement in not only students’ math scores, but across all subjects.

  • Current students will progress at an accelerated rate!

  • New students get a head start learning the Secrets of Mental Math! 


An exciting summer course offered by Tactile Brain that combines LEGO WeDo Robotics and Scratch, a kid-friendly, beginner programming language developed at the MIT Media Lab. Students will truly enjoy the hands-on experience building LEGO WeDo Robots for themselves!

  • Children ages 4-6 will be introduced to LEGO WeDo assembly. 

  • Children ages 7-9 will work on LEGO WeDO projects. 

  • Children ages 10+ will work on building LEGO Mindstorms robots.

Our Locations: