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Benefits of Abacus Training

Abacus training develops tremendous number sense in young students and reinforces the numeric fluency in older students.

In addition to significant improvements in math skills, the Abakidz program positively impacts working memory, concentration skills, and confidence, leading to improvement in not only students’ math scores, but in all subjects.


Learning Modalities

Using the abacus engages all three learning modalities:


Students will learn to see numbers as visual representations rather than arbitrary numerals, allowing for faster and more accurate arithmetic. Flash Amsan, in which students add numbers flashed quickly in front of them, can improve visual processing speed, resulting in faster reading abilities.


Auditory learners will benefit from Hosan: the practice of doing Jusan or Amsan as the numbers are called out, improving their ability to retain heard information.


Students will develop deep understanding of numbers and arithmetic by physically manipulating the abacus beads and solving problems with a unique hands-on method.

While traditional math learning is conducted in the left side of the brain, which also processes language and logic, abacus instruction engages the right side of the brain, which processes visuo-spatial information.

This approach facilitates faster development of numerical fluency and math confidence. But aside from the concrete benefit of advancing students' arithmetic skill and understanding, Abakidz can help students improve concentration and focus, working memory, and general visual and auditory senses, leading to an improved general study skills. In addition, Master Lee’s teaching experience over the last ten years has shown this approach to be particularly effective in children with attention deficit issues.