Mental abacus training can be associated with an improved ability to store visuo-spatial information. (Chen, 2011)

“These findings demonstrate that enriched experiences (e.g. mental abacus training) may improve basic cognitive capacities and possess utility for learning and education” (Chen, 2011)

“Abacus experts utilize visuo-spatial representations of digit sequences during digit span memory tasks and this strategy increases their digit span memory capacity” (Tanaka, 2002)

Knowing two ways (conventional and abacus) to represent arithmetic concepts gives a child a more abstract and flexible understanding of numbers, in the same way that knowing two languages leads to higher levels of metalinguistic knowledge. (Stigler, University of Chicago, 1986)

“Abacus skill has statistically significant correlations with grades in mathematics and reading” (Stigler, University of Chicago, 1986).