Parent Testimonials

When my daughter started Abakidz a little before she turned 5, she had no interest in numbers. Learning the Abakidz program has helped her to dramatically improve her grasp of mathematical concepts and it has been truly exciting to see the pride and confidence she has developed in math. We are excited to see what the future holds for our little girl.
— Hyunjung S., parent of a 5-year old
Abakidz is an outstanding learning environment! Abakidz has not only helped our son learn math skills, but also has increased his focus, attention, number recognition, and handwriting skills. We place a high priority on going to class two times per week and the dedication is paying off! We are very happy to be a part of the Abakidz community and highly recommend it.”
— Ryan and Nicole O., parents of a 5-year old
My daughters love Abakidz and I have definitely seen them grow more confident in math and excited to learn.
— Sandra R., parent of 6-year old twins
Abakidz has taught my son how to calculate more quickly and efficiently. For both of my children, it has really helped them to think of math in a different way than they are learning at school. The confidence and the pride they have shown after starting Abakidz has been truly amazing!
— Maria K. parent of a 7-year old
My daughter is a tactile learner and just putting math together with an abacus was bringing math to a whole new level for her. Abakidz has helped my daughter with her level of concentration and it has also given her more confidence. She was even able to use what she learned in Abakidz to reach math solutions quicker at school. We are excited to see what the future holds!
— Rachel K., parent of a 7-year old
Our children have been active students for 3 years now and the greater focus, grasp of numbers and appreciation for general math is a testament of the abakidz method. Love the dedicated, knowledgeable and patient staff and the school. Talented instructors who care and are clearly influenced by the terrific Master Lee who we’ve grown to really appreciate since day one!
— David and Cecille C., parents of an 8 and 7-year old
My daughter started abacus when she turned 5 and has been actively engaged for 3 years and counting. She definitely built a lot of confidence along the way and is especially proud of herself when she moves on to the next level. She can now calculate math in her head much faster than me where I need to use calculator. The teachers are great mentors and very patient with little kids. The whole experience is very rewarding.
— Katherine K., parent of a 8 year old
I immediately noted the change in Gabrielle’s analytical and communication skills. When she goes to the store, Gabrielle knows exactly how much change to get back from the clerk that she will say it aloud before the clerk gives it to her.
— Edith F., parent of a 8-year old
I can see my daughter’s increased facility with using the abacus and the pride she has in successfully completing an assignment. Her confidence in math is increasing and she has come to expect a certain level of quality work from herself. Abakidz has successfully introduced math as a fun and rewarding skill.
— Rebecca M., parent of a 8-year old