The Teacher

Master Jeonghee Lee (이정희) is the world's only 11th degree abacus master, the highest rank attained by anyone to date.

She has taught thousands of students at her academy in Korea using her unique abacus training program. Families have been known to send their children from abroad solely to participate during the summer.

Having found overwhelming success in Korea, Master Lee is now pursuing her dream of bringing her teaching to the United States.

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The Method

Master Lee teaches using the soroban abacus, a tool that gained prominence in the 17th century. Use of the soroban has persisted despite the advent of modern calculators.

The goal of learning the soroban method is not to create human calculators. The soroban method exercises our visuo-spatial working memory as well as our understanding of numbers. Working with the soroban can boost memory skills as well as affect the processing of letters and numbers, often leading to higher achievement in mathematics and language arts.

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The Results 

Many of Master Lee's students have achieved extraordinary results, gaining unique understanding of mathematical operations, confidence approaching large numbers, and, of course, exceptional calculation skills.

In a study documented by the Korean TV program Star King, Master Lee taught a group of children aged 6-10, described by their parents as "easily distracted." After 60 days, they won a mental calculation competition against a team of Harvard students (who were using calculators).  After 100 days, students were able to correctly complete a mental addition problem of fifteen 5-digit numbers in under 30 seconds.

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