We see a world where kids have the self-confidence and attention to learn anything they set their mind to.

Tactile Brain, an education company.

Founded 2014.


What we do



We combine the teachings of Master Jeonghee Lee (wiki) and the Abacus, a 4,000 year old tool, to create learning programs and apps emphasizing visualization techniques which allow children to make rapid and accurate mental calculations. Instruction & apps also include tactile and auditory training, thereby engaging multiple learning modalities simultaneously.



Improving visual processing speed can result in faster calculation and reading speed. This also helps increase student’s ability to capture more information at once.



Classroom activities pushes students to improve on their ability to retain auditory information.



Manipulating the abacus beads and solving problems with a unique hands-on method will engage the right side of the brain, which processes visuo-spatial information.


How we do it.



Our world class abacus program trains your child to learn using both their left and right brain. At each stage your child will be challenged, empowered to learn, and equipped with tools to flourish. Give your child the gift of a strong mind.

Learn more at abakidz.com


Our teachers are equipped with an Abakidz application to assist students with the curriculum. Our application is packed with games and features that focus on improving mental math skills and cognitive functions!


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